Goodbye Greenbelt




When we publish our newsletters and other literature warning residents about the threat to the greenbelt, it’s often refuted by the current administration as ‘scaremongering’. It’s helpful for residents therefore, to see this map produced in a project between the London Green Belt Council and CPRE branches in Herts, Essex, Kent, Beds, Bucks, Berks, Surrey and London. It shows the threats that we are aware of to London’s Green Belt (and the surrounding counties).

Pop over to the London Greenbelt Council for a look at the the full map

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  • Travelling down Rawreth Lane I noted that there is a low barrier erected through the field next to Macro. I assume this is related to the planned development. It’s a real eye opener as to how much land the new development will take.

    • We’ve noticed some activity beginning there too. Also activity on the ‘land adjacent to Grange Villas’ plus the 500 houses in Hullbridge, we will soon be in the midst of development hell here in West Rayleigh. Going by the lack of CMP (construction management plan) in Hullbridge, we just hope Countryside don’t follow suit. Watch this space for more info as it comes in…..

    • I think you we find that the low green ‘fence’ is the standard method of measuring insect life as part of the Environmental Assessment that Developers are required to do – in order to tick another box!!!!.

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