Good Week, Bad Week….


It’s been a good week for the Conservatives in Rochford gaining an extra councillor, and the national Tory website Conservativehome reports on it here. There’s a mixed response in the comments.

It’s been a bad week for UKIP in Essex , on the same day that Nigel Farage visited the county, they lost one of their council seats in Harlow to Labour. And a UKIP councillor in Thurrock has been suspended from the party following drink driving. Why oh why do councillors say to the police “Do you know who I am? I am a prominent councillor, I know the police commissioner.”

It’s been a good week for the main opposition group on Rochford District Council. The 5 residents Councillors and 2 Greens all spoke at Full Council on the budget, there was actually a bit of a debate for once. We’ll write more about the Budget meeting when the minutes are published and we can link to them..

  • Chris

    Personally I do not think losing a seat to Labour in Harlow or having a local councillor in Thurrock receive a party suspension, constitutes a bad week for UKIP.

    We have certainly had more defect to UKIP than leave,however, you have chosen only to comment on Harlow and Thurrock, rather than those that have joined UKIP this week….with neither of the above impacting upon the residents of Rochford.

    Ironic that you fail to include the Lib Dems having a ‘Bad week’..losing June Lumley, the Lib Dem Chairman of the District Council to the Conservatives is surely a more relevant issue to the residents of Rochford….although I understand if perhaps her defection to the Conservatives may actually constitute a ‘good week’ for the remaining Lib Dem Group.

  • Albeit ‘Council’ rather than ‘ Government’ shuffling that we are seeing it is obviously driven by the upcoming General Election – it promises to be a very unpredictable outcome, and none of the parties are confident.

  • Bad week for all of us – I see the Barmy Coalition are on course to ‘enshrine in law our committment 0.7% of GNP to overseas aid ‘ currently running at £12billion / year – latest figures for this country is that 3 million children live on or near the official poverty line ……disgraceful.