Good News From Asda On Underage Drinking?




According to the Echo:

A SUPERMARKET has rid its shelves of six brands of alcopops and is introducing a strict new ID policy in a bid to stamp out the scourge of binge drinking among teenagers.

Asda at the Eastgate Centre in Basildon is one of the first Asda stores in the UK to stop selling several alcopops which are favoured by under-age drinkers.

The store is also bringing in a policy where, from April 7, anyone looking under 25 will be asked to provide ID when attempting to buy booze.

New store manager Michael Haynes said: “We’ve removed the lines of alcopops which underage drinkers try to buy the most in the hope it will make a difference.

“In addition we are going to be very strict about the new ID policy. Anyone even looking under 25 will have to produce their passport or photo drivers licence or they won’t be able to purchase alcohol.

“We will also be working with local police officers to actively prosecute anyone attempting to illegally buy alcoholic drinks in the store.”

All Asda branches in the country will be following the Eastgate store over the coming weeks by introducing similar policies.

UPDATE 24th March : We’ve just seen a piece by Lincolnshire Lib Dem Ryan Cullen. If the drinking habits of Essex youths are like those in Lincolnshire, banning alco-pops isn’t going to make much difference:

The Lincolnshire Echo last week ran with a story about the Police confiscating alcohol from under-age drinkers. They published a table of what was taken and had a picture of the haul.
…. here are the figures:
Beer – 157.69 litres (78%)
Cider – 25.52 litres (13%)
Wine – 7.5 litres (4%)
Spirits – 4.2 litres (2%)
Alcopops – 5.72 litres (3%)

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