Good Luck Dan !




We are are very pleased to see Daniel Irlam standing for the Lib Dems in the forthcoming District Council Election in Rochford Ward. Dan lives in the ward, works in the ward and certainly cares about the ward. He is a dedicated young campaigner and would make a fine councillor.

And when we say young, we certainly mean young. Dan is eighteen years old and if elected would be the youngest person ever elected to our District Council – we’ve had a few people in their early twenties but never in their late teens. In fact at the moment we only seem to have one councillor under thirty, not many under fifty.

Rochford has another two councillors already serving (one Independent Tory and one Labour) so electing a young Lib Dem would give a a good balance to the town’s representation.

The election has been called to fill the vacancy after the very sad and untimely death of previous councillor Gill Lucas-Gill. Whoever is elected would only serve for about six months until the main council elections next May.

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  • Tory Boy, I think your comments are getting less funny by the day. I think he should be commended for putting himself forward and it’s about time we saw some younger representation in the council chamber. Perhaps they will have a more considered view of the future than a lot of the aging dinosaurs that occupy seats.

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