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When you are a councillor there are times you get over-praised by a resident for arranging something that was actually very easy to do.

But there are days when you work very hard on an issue but nobody seems to recognise what you have done!

Our Lib Dem colleague Chris Lumley has had one of those days.

The gas pipeline works in London Road are causing huge problems for local traders – as reported in the Echo. Obviously this is beyond Chris’ control but he has done his best to help by finding out the details about where the shops could claim for compensation for loss of trade. He then went round all the shops giving them that information. He has also passed on complaints that with the gas working in Down Hall Road there are problems with drives, sideroads and the Travellers Joy Car Park. When they are in-between the traffic lights and there is little traffic (such as early in the morning or late at night ) they have no way of knowing if there are against the flow of traffic when they pull out.

Residents are also feeling frustrated that they weren’t advised that The Approach and Creswick Avenue were going to be closed off. We are feeling frustrated as well because Chris L. was led to believe that the gas companies were going to inform residents. Otherwise he and June Lumley would have done a special newsletter!

UPDATE: This is an ongoing situation and Chris won’t be letting this matter rest.

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  • We live off Victoria are experiencing our fair share of inconvenience on London Rd. However, the situation I find most frightening is the number of cars that continue through the contraflow when the lights have changed to red!I counted 3 this afternoon. Should someone be a bit quick off the mark the other end, or be exiting Downhall Rd, the consequences don’t bear thinking about.Speaking of Downhall Rd, how does the traffic know when it’s safe to join London Rd? There doesn’t seem to be any traffic control at that junction.
    There is also the case of the missing bus stops! My husband heard someone ask the workmen where they had been moved to. The reply? “Dunno” with a shrug of the shoulders.I also know of one bus driver who refuses to stop, & carries all passengers to the next bus stop regardless. All very well if you are able bodied, & don’t have young children with you etc. Surely some sort of information should be available?
    Feel better for that moan off!Hope my comments add to the constructive talks Chris is haveing. Best of luck!

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