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We’ve had the following email from a Rayleigh resident:

Thought you?d like to know our garage was recently the target of an attempted burglary.
Fortunately the guy was disturbed & left empty handed, but it seems that the standard garage FRONT (didn?t bother with the back for some reason) door is very vulnerable to this type of attack.
The police are investigating, descriptions taken etc.
May be worth a posting on the web site warning people to be vigilant and also to double check their door?s, looks like there are loads of this type of door fitted to the houses [in my area].

If we get any more info from the police on this we will let you know….

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  • The problem with up and over doors is that a gap often exists between the top of the door and the frame or lintal above. Using a blade through the gap can trip the latch and the door can be easily be opened. I had this problem and to solve it I added a length of timber approximately 40mm x 40mm in section along the outside, fixed to the frame, in order to cover the gap. A blade can no longer be inserted to free the latch.
    In addition, I had a door sensor added to my burglar alarm system.
    I recommend that people with such doors consider these options.

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