Full Council Next Tuesday Night

The are two District Council meetings open to the public next week. Both start at 7:30 pm at the Civic Suite (opposite Rayleigh Church). Tuesday night has Full Council, Thursday night has Development Committee.

Some of the items at Full Council are:

2 formal questions from Chris Black to Cllr Ian Ward:


Revised Budget Estimates for the current financial year:



Adoption of the “Development Management Plan”:
This is basically a new version of the council’s “Bible” of planning policies. Not the zoning of land for development, but all the other policies. Things like the design of new developments, housing density, infilling of gardens, phone masts, what is allowed in the Green Belt, green tourism, playing pitches and other leisure and recreational uses…. You can download the 50 page document from this page.


Adoption of the “London Southend Airport and Environs Joint Area Action Plan” :
This is another weighty document, which you also can download from this page.


And finally, an important item about restructuring the staff organisation at the District Council:


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