From Rochford to Stargate




One of the most famous people ever born in Rochford – actress and director Amanda Tapping has just been interviewed here in the Toronto Globe and Mail.

…. actress-turned-TV-director Amanda Tapping, whose 10 seasons starring as astrophysicist Samantha Carter in the series Stargate SG-1 ? based on the 1994 film ? vaulted the graduate of the University of Windsor drama school from relative obscurity to prominence. Ms. Tapping went on to produce and star in the sci-fi series Sanctuary and is now focused on directing TV.

What role did science fiction play in your own career? It has shaped it. It?s funny, because it was never something I anticipated. When I left theatre school, it was never something that I thought that I would be doing. In fact, I vowed I would never do television. I was only going to do theatre and really fantastically heavy art films. But I found myself in sci-fi with Stargate. It?s just sort of something where, once you get a name, it perpetuates.

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