Four Years ago….

For those who are interested, the road that is now Priory Chase got planning permission almost exactly four years ago. You can see the full report of what we wrote on onlinefocus here , but a couple of paragraphs particularly caught our eye:

….We proposed that the decision be deferred but we lost the vote by 14 votes to 11, which leaves us very disappointed, None of the 14 who voted to push this through (13 Tories and independent Councillor Heather Glynn) actually spoke in favour of the road, they just voted anyway. When the council?s Director of Planning said that we don?t normally go into such detail about the design of a cul-de-sac road, our Lib Dem Colleague Chris Lumley replied, in simple words that a primary school pupil would understand , that most cul-de-sacs don?t have schools at the end of them.

We can foresee now the Focuses we?ll be writing in five years time about the congestion outside the school – after all there?s a highways officer predicting it. We also know that residents will be annoyed that we weren?t able to do anything about it….. Thanks anyway for the one Labour and 6 Tories who supported us …..?

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