Fly Tipping In Rawreth

Fly Tipping - A Common Sight across Rochford District

Unfortunately, some areas in the District seem to get overlooked when it comes to fly-tipping cleanups. We’ve had a resident contact us due to their frustration in trying to get the Council to deal with the repeated fly-tipping that is occurring on the Old London Road. Not only has the resident been trying for months to get the waste removed but they’ve also been faced with ‘the blame game’ both Rochford District Council and Essex County Council have said it’s not their job to remove asbestos! After contacting their Essex County Councillor they’ve still been unsuccessful – Now we’ve put our top Councillor on the case and we’re trying to track down the Council who is responsible and we are hoping to achieve a speedy resolution to this problem!!

We’ll update the post when we find out who is responsible for the removal of this type of waste.