Floodlighting Complaints




We’re starting to get complaints about the floodlighting at the replacement sports centre at the Park School site.

Are any other residents concerned about this?

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  • Yes, I am concerned. They are on until about 11.30 most nights. I am hoping they are just testing them at present. It must cost a fortune as they have also been on all day(although not today Friday). I presume planning have put a time limit on the operating hours?!!

  • Yes, I am also concerned. I live ¾ of a mile away as the crow flies from the leisure centre down Trenders Avenue and the flood lights light up most of the room in the house. I have noticed that the flood lights have been left on until 5am in the morning some nights, but they have been off for the last 2 nights. They need to change the angle of the flood lights or turn them off.

  • If anyone else has any comments about the floodlighting, please leave them here – so that other local people can see them , and also officers on the District Council can have a look.

    Did anyone have a problem when the old sports centre was there?

  • I agree the angle of the lights should be changed and have approached the centre manager myself requesting this, as the first floor of my house was lit up like Blackpool illuminations!! No problem when the old sports centre was there.

  • The old Park Centre lights went off at 10.30 on the nights the all weather court was used. I think a football club used to hire from 9.30 to 10.30 a couple of times a week, other nights they were not on unless the court was hired. I used to ring the manager when they forgot as it is impossible to get to sleep when it is so bright outside and I expect I shall have to start ringing again! Has the council put a time limit on the hours?

  • Further to the above comments, our home is also being badly affected by these floodlights. I fail to see that if the floodlights are being tested as to why they have to be on until so late.
    If they have been tested, hopefully it’s realised that the angle of some of them are such that our homes & gardens are being subjected to excessive overspill floodlighting and that the problem will be speedily rectified!!
    We also would also be interested to know what restrictions (if any) have been placed on the sports centre’s use of the floodlights by the Local Authority.

  • Can only agree with the above comments – the floodlights light up the whole area and are, without a doubt, very intrusive. I ask that the centre / council take steps to curb this light pollution asap.

  • Good Morning.

    Jeremy Bourne from RDC has very helpfully been down at night to have a look, I expect to hear more from him during today.

    In the meantime, what lights could people see last night (Monday night) and were they a problem?

    By the way, the council are monitoring this thread; if you leave your (approximate) address it helps them work out where the problem is!

  • Good evening, since we have started leaving comments they have not been on, so dont know if they have made any adjustments to the excessive overspill.
    Mr Bourne – I am unfortunately in Rawreth Lane!

  • Update: the floodlights were left on overnight for just one night as a test. There were NOT on last night (Monday night) so any light pollution last night must have been from the car park lights.
    When the centre opens last activities should be over by 10:10 pm and the floodlights off by 10:30 pm. The council will be having a look in the evenings next week to see what effect the floodlights are having. So please keep leaving your comments here to share your views with other residents (although obviously you can deal directly with the council/ centre/ councillors if you prefer.

  • Living in Rawreth Lane directly opposite the leisure centre site I have found the floodlighting to be highly intrusive. They appear to be floodlighting our 2 front bedrooms and landing extremely effectively and have even managed to light the rear of a 160 ft back garden. Impressive to say the least! On the 2 occasions we have experienced, my son has found getting to sleep very difficult and found that the lighting made it possible to create very effective shadow puppets on his bedroom wall. Surely the intention was to flood the playing surfaces with light, not send a beam of light directly into properties at a distance away. Whilst it is comforting to note that the lighting will not be on beyond 10:30 at night surely it is more important that the lights are adjusted so as to minimise light pollution. I am concerned that there appears to have been no assessment of the effcct of the lights once they were installed other than to respond to objections. I had thought that introducing floodlighting was a more accurate science than this! Who is the responsible person to contact? Will they come and see the impact of the current lighting arrangements AND will they liaise with local residents to resolve this issue? Please could someone advise as to the best way to get a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

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