Flashback To 2011

This was the second page of Ron’s election leaflet four years ago (click to enlarge)….


ron leaflet 2011

What’s happened since?

– the council’s proposed traveller site is now at Michelin’s Farm instead of the locations on our sketch map.

– the land “North of London Road” is now allocated for housing. (though it doesn’t have actual planning permission)

– The Council are still talking about relocating the businesses on? Rawreth Industrial Estate to Michelin’s Farm, and building houses there instead. But we really doubt if that’s ever going to happen.

  • Admin – says it all, they do not / will not listen to perfectly reasonable alternate options to using up Greenbelt , in fact it is a hot topic at present with the Councils all claiming
    ” we were only following orders” and central government claiming it is the Councils that “establish numbers and choose sites” under the Localism Act – must be an Election in the offing !!!!!!!.