Find Out More About The Crown Hill Project

It’s a bit short notice, but if anyone is interested in the Crown Hill Heritage & Arts Project, the organiser , Lisa Hawker, will be at the Hadleigh Old Fire Station, in a new office/studio space during ‘open weekend’ today from around 1-5pm. You can have a chat and look at previous projects.

And if you don’t know what the project is:

This is a creative project with its roots in heritage and community; to raise awareness of Rayleigh?s long history, but more importantly to provide opportunities for people of all ages to communicate with each other to generate a deeper understanding and mutual respect between generations.
The Crown Hill Heritage & Art Project is just that, a forty metre landmark ceramic artwork to a timeless d
esign, affording all the community the opportunity to create the clay elements of it; the ?bridge? conceptualises the bridging of the so called ?generation gap?, specifically linking to a web based archive of interviews or exchanges between old and young which tell the history of the community through personal engaging experiences.
The end result will be a landmark artwork linked to a vibrant and interesting website containing the interviews and real life experiences celebrating the history of Rayleigh and helping us to discover what makes a community.

  • I may be rather cynical, but I would hate to see this work despoiled by graffiti! Who will be responsible for maitaining the “mural”?
    Having said that, I think it’s a lovely idea, & will brighten a very ugly wall.