A Final Farewell to Our Chris



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Today we said our final farewells to our leader Cllr Chris Black. A 100 strong turnout for Chris’ funeral was a true reflection of what kind of person Chris was. Kind, Generous, Intelligent, Caring, Popular….. and Cool! A lovely service, attended from all corners of the community it was truly a very moving experience.

Chris will be missed by many – so long ‘young Chris’

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz-ngnU96pk[/embedyt]

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  • Yes, we thought the service did Chris proud , his old school chum gave us an
    insight to his formative years and Steve Tellis summarised his adult career dedicated to local matters as a Councillor.
    Tunes from Human League & Billy Joel gave yet another take on an otherwise
    ‘staid pillar of the community’ – rest in peace Chris , farewell from Jim&Pat.

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