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We’ve been contacted recently by a resident concerned about an unfenced ditch at the entrance to the open space where Downhall Under Fives are based. RDC has done some work recently on the drainage ditch near the entrance here. This is commendable, and there is some fencing where the ditch is deepest.

However it has not placed any fencing where the ditch is less steep.

This may not be a particular hazard right now, however in winter rains when there is water in the ditch and the sloping ground is slippery and muddy then it could be a safety hazard, bearing in mind small children passing by. So we have asked RDC if they can provide fencing here.

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  • Yes, and while we are doing this lets fence off the edge of the pavement in case anybody steps in the road. Cut down the trees just in case a branch falls off, put those bikes away, could have an accident any minute. That cooker at home could become a safety hazard, throw it out now. Yet more madness from the Elf and Safety loonies….

    • Was this picture taken on the bridge to the pastureland? If so it’s been like that since the houses were built. Except it was not visible as it was covered over with bushes and small trees. But the drop was still there.

      I thought it would be “plain common sense” were one sees a ditch there would be a drop. Not the other way, when you see a fence you must come to a stop.

  • The parents should be careful with their children, don’t let the playgroup take rule of the field. READ ON

    Remember we have to put up with the parking, when the parents collect and drop off there children. These parents are from another location, not residents of Ferndale Road.

    Another thing the playgroup has caused flooding of Ferndale field. When this footpath was upgraded the builder made the footpath higher than the field so water cant drain. Before this new footpath Rochford DC installed a ground drainage pipe to the ditch. When the path was upgraded this pipe was cut. I noticed this in person when I passed the uncompleted builders work.

    If they want this section of the ditch fenced have they forgot the storm drain ditch located on the right side.

  • Notice the new fencing up; I expect wild life is experiencing problems as a through way. Luckily a small cat I saw managed to get to the other side, but larger wildlife will be stuck.

    Further down the path I noticed the old cement posts were left in the ground or not used, leaving the width of the path shorter for maintenance machinery.

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