Extraordinary Council MeetingPlanned for 27th June

We have just heard that the Chairman of the Council, Mavis Webster, in conjunction with the Leader of the Council, Terry Cutmore, has called an extraordinary meeting of the council for 7:30 on June 27th to consider reports on:

  • The Final Accounts
  • Performance Plans
  • The Review of the Development Control Committee (what used to be the Planning Services Commitee)
  • The Planning Appeal on the first “Asda” planning application in Rawreth Lane
  • We’ve not seen these reports yet.

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  • We are aware that Asda are going to appeal re thier first application but have noticed that in the weekly list on the RDC website that Asda have put in a planning application to extend the time allowance for the submission of reserved matters applications by 3 years. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if this was turned down & the outline application was amended to be quite clear as to what is expected of a ‘neighbourhood centre’. It would be a chance to put right the misleading, illwritten original planning permission!

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