Expensive Government Computers




Many taxpayers are up in arms over the £10,000 extra budget that has been dished out to MP’s to set up their home office.

Some MP’s have gone to extraordinary lengths to explain away the situation and local MP, Mark Francois has done so in this Facebook post. It’s caused quite a stir with over 700 comments on the post!

However, the Taxpayers Alliance has written a piece on it here and something that isn’t widely publicised is that ex MP’s have been allowed to keep taxpayer-funded equipment.

In local politics, Councillors who have lost their seats have handed back the small amount of equipment that they have been given to carry out their roles. Rochford District Council members haven’t been given any financial compensation for using their own funded devices for council work, so it’s interesting that MP’s have been given this extra budget.

Should MP’s receive additional allowances for working from home when they already have constituency offices and equipment to run those offices?

What do you think?

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