Everything Hasn’t Gone Exactly to Plan




Over the last couple of years at Rochford District Council, things don’t appear to have gone exactly to plan. There’s been the IT project crisis that has cost the council over 140% more than the original budget, the lethargic Investment Board, the outrage by local residents over the Frances Cottee Lodge debacle and then of course there’s been the big budget public toilet project – which seems like it could possibly end up costing the taxpayer MORE than it did originally!

Here at onlineFOCUS, we’ve been keeping an eye on the cabinet ‘reshuffle’ and it seems like one aspirational Councillor has lost their seat. In this document, it would appear Cllr Dave Sperring (Rayleigh) has lost his ‘Environment’ portfolio to Cllr Arthur Williams (Rochford). It would appear that the ‘Rayleigh mafia’ are losing their power base to the east of the district once again and we are ready to predict that in the next shuffle Cllr Ward will be ousted from his ‘Planning’ portfolio – it’s only a  matter of time now that the more competent Cllr Keith Hudson is back in the fold.

It’s pleasing to see that the Conservatives have put some of their ‘less able’ Councillors out of the way on committees where they don’t need to have an IQ more than a goldfish to be able to take part, at least it gives them an evening out!

We’ll be watching intently as the new municipal year unfolds to see how the Conservatives perform with their new line up.




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  • I have no issue at all in saying that the late, well respected Cllr Black (someone I could call a friend – regardless of politics) would never have stopped to such personal attacks. Oh and for the record I have both a very reasonable IQ and EQ.

    • Before criticising others perhaps you should take a moment to look closer to home. The leader of the council recently wrote “The opposition are clearly inventive, pathetic and desperate.” – not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot is it? Maybe the leader should be reminded about leading by example!

      • I think the comment you are referring to may have been in respect to some rather misleading information put out. The original comment above is not and a direct accusation, As such I stand by my statement of which ‘I’ am entitled to, especially as I am one of the people that ‘you’ are accusing of being ‘less able’. Thank you

  • Editor, just to say two wrongs don’t make a right. I wrote some time ago about the whole tone of this site now. Your not doing yourself, or the Lib Dem’s any favours here.

    • Oz – we hear you. We have faced many attacks by the Conservatives recently across various media platforms, but we are not prepared to be bullied by them and their constant put downs.
      You are right about the tone of the site and we’ve been posting positive news and then the Conservatives try to stamp all over it. Look at the post on the District Awards and then the comments…… speaks for itself

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