Essex Police To Ask Councils To Deal With Up To 97% of Anti-Social Behaviour




From the Police And Crime Commissioner’s website:

On a daily basis, only a small proportion of Anti-Social Behaviour cases are assessed as presenting a high risk or involving repeat victimisation. ACC Wortley has stated that there were around 1,500 such cases last year, or around 3 per cent of the total number of ASB incidents reported to the force. I expect Essex Police to continue to lead on these cases.

However, there are many other types of ASB incident where partner agencies, such as local authorities, should have the main responsibility in attempting to resolve the matter. Essex Police will now often refer such cases to the appropriate agency.

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  • So cash strapped Councils are now going to add this to a list of issues they cannot deal with due to lack of funding ( street lighting / pot holes / social services…..etc; ) – it is just not going to happen.
    How much does the ” Commissioner” earn ? – just another accountant / level
    of management that has not worked in the NHS and will not work in the Police.

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