Election Results

Essex County Council

The headline result of the night has to be Cllr Craig Cannell snatching victory from the grasp of the Conservatives in Rayleigh North with 2209 (45.1%) (Lib Dem) v 2151 (44%) (Cons) – overturning an 800 vote majority, Craig has taken the seat for the first time since 2013. With a strong campaign in Rayleigh North, residents have clearly shown there is no room for complacency from the Conservatives.

In Rayleigh South, Cllr James Newport, came in with a respectable 1741 (39%) votes versus 2160 (48.4%) votes (Cons). This increased the vote share in Rayleigh South from 13.4% in 2017 to 39%.

Rochford District Council

Results from Rochford District Council elections showed real positive challenge from our candidates

Downhall & Rawreth – Craig Cannell (1064) Elected
Trinity – Marco QUINTANA (967) v David Sperring, Cons (992) Elected
Wheatley – Stephen Tellis (517) v Jack Lawmon, Ind (647) Elected

Elsewhere there was some shock wins with Lisa Newport (Rochford District Residents) taking Sweyne Park & Grange from Portfolio Holder Danielle Belton (Cons).

For a full list of results head over to the Rochford District Council website

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