Election Results May 5th 2005

There were two parliamentary elections and five county council elections in Rochford District on May 5th – here are the results:

Chris Comes Second in the County Council Elections

The result for Rayleigh North:

Stephen Castle Conservative 3815 (44%)
Chris Black Liberal Democrat 2908 (34%)
Labour 1382 (16%)
Greens 432 (5%)

Our vote was up by 593, even though the Greens stood
Our share of the vote was up by 2%
The Tory vote was down to only 44% – only10% ahead of us now!

The most important thing is that Rayleigh North is no longer a “safe” Tory Division – hopefully that means the Conservatives will pay a bit more attention to the needs of local people.
Chris would like to thank everyone for their support, help and kindness during the

And Keith Budden Comes Second too…

Keith came second in the County Council elections for Rayleigh South. We’d like to thank everyone who helped him in the campaign – and indeed everyone who voted for him! Although the Conservative candidate won by a fairly big margin, that was only because the anti-Conservative vote was split fairly evenly between ourselves and Labour.

The figures were:

Mavis Webster Conservative 4180 (54%)
Keith Budden – Liberal Democrat 1617 (21%)
Labour 1577 (20%)
Green Party 376 (5%)

Sid Cumberland increases our share of the vote in the Parliamentary Election

Mark Francois was re-elected as the Tory MP for Rayleigh – but Sid did manage to slightly increase our share of the vote. The figures were:
Mark Francois Conservative 25,609 (55.4 % +5.3 %)
Julian Ware-Lane Labour 10,883 (23.6 % -7.1 %)
Sid Cumberland Liberal Democrat 7,406 (16.0 %) +0.5 %
Janet Davies UK Independence Party 2,295 (5.0 %) +1.3 %
Majority 14,726 (31.9%)
Turnout 46,193 ( 64.2% of the electorate , up by +3.7%)

Elsewhere in Rochford we came third
We didn’t have the manpower to fight big campaigns for the County Seats in Rochford North , Rochford South and Rochford West but got respectable third places each time.In fact Vic Leach nearly came second in Rochford North .
In each of the elections the Tories held their seats, with Labour second, ourselves third and the Greens fourth.

Big increase in Lib Dem vote in Rochford and Southend East

Graham Longley did well for us in the other parliamentary election in our district:

James Duddridge Conservative 17,874 (45.3 -8.3 %)
Fred Grindrod Labour 12,380 (31.4 – 3.4 %)
Graham Longley Liberal Democrat 5,967 (15.1 +7.7%)
John Croft UKIP 1,913 (4.8 +4.8 %)
Andrew Vaughan Green 1,328 (3.4 +0.8 %)
Majority 5,490 (13.9%)
Turnout 39,466 (55.4 % of the electorate , up by +2.7 )

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