Downhall & Rawreth Election 2019




Nominations are in for this years local elections and flying the flag for the Lib Dem’s is James NEWPORT. After many years of service our current Councillor, Ron Oatham, will be taking a well deserved retirement. We’re sure residents will join us in thanking Ron for all his hard work and dedication.

Taking up the mantle for the Lib Dem’s, is a familiar name, James NEWPORT. James has previously represented the Sweyne Park & Grange Ward and proved himself to be a hard working and dedicated Councillor.

We hope you will support James, in this years local district Council elections. If you have questions please get in touch with James –

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  • THIS IS IMPORTANT – please get out and vote for James, he has a proven track record getting stuff
    done locally including resisting Overdevelopment
    and poor Air Quality , not to mention tidying up
    Sweyne Park. This has nothing to do with BREXIT,
    it is a periodic Local Election – let’s get someone
    who cares in to represent our area.

    • I am a brexiteer so don’t agree with the leaders of the Libdems on the Brexit issue but I agree this is not national politics, but local, where we badly need more balance on the Tory controlled council. They regularly rubber stamp every suggestion, dreamed up on the back of a fag packet by the authority in RDC, costing us the tax payer, hundreds of thousands. e.g. Don’t forget the proposed new fancy offices costing £3.4 million. I can guarantee James Newport will be on their case asking awkward questions of the executive if you give him your vote.

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