Don’t Recycle Irish Pork!




From the District Council website today:

In the light of the recent reports regarding contaminated pork, residents are advised to dispose of any pork or pork products, such as sausages, bacon, salami and ham that are labelled as being from the Republic or Northern Ireland in the non-recyclables bin for the time being.

For further information regarding this story please see the Food Standards Agency website in the related link here .

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  • If the waste in the green waste bins are heated to a high temperature to aid breaking them down, would that not destroy whatever pathogen is in the meat?

    Let’s just hope this is sorted before we need to worry about warmer weather and meat left rotting in the non-recyclable bin for 2 weeks!

  • The problem here isn’t something biological that can be killed off – it’s dioxins, which are chemical compounds that wouldn’t be affected by the heating process.

    Indeed , dioxins are normally created during incineration of waste.

  • Just buy British !South American meat will risk Foot and Mouth .Beef from east africa risks Anthrax. USA beef risks BSE .Unfortunately not all meat labelled british is british but just processed and packed here .Be aware that the british farmer as in many ways competes in an unfair market place where our statutary standards far exceed those found elsewhere .This obviously can increase costs . Just 27 cases of bse were found in cattle in last 12 months all in cattle excluded from the food chain .i.e. born before 1996 . Most pet food chews etc come from abroad for example thailand sends dog chews to us . What control is there on that ?Most offal and bone in this country is now incinerated .Once it was called the 5th. quarter and was of value now it is an added expence for disposal to land fill and incineration .I am not saying that Irish product is unsafe they also have high standards but obviously in this case farmers there have been let down by feed companies as we were here at the outbreak of bse all those years ago.

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