Don’t Be A Contaminator !




Here’s some further up-to-date info from the District Council on recycling :

Don?t be a contaminator- be a committed recycler!

Some residents may have noticed that stickers are being left on bins by collection crews when they see something which cannot be collected (called ?contamination?).

The intention of these stickers is to bring the contamination to the resident?s attention so that we can all work together to reduce the amount of contaminated material being taken to the re-processing facilities.

It is important that we do not collect any contaminated bins because the facilities will not accept the material. In the case of significant quantities they can reject an entire lorry load, which then has to be taken to landfill.

The key to committed recycling:

  • Place all recyclables loose into the recyclables bin. Bagged materials (in plastic bags, black sacks or any bin liner) are not accepted as the sorting machinery cannot handle them. However, loose plastic carrier bags can be recycled in the recyclables bins.
  • Food and garden waste should be placed loose in the compostables bin, or wrapped in single sheets of newspaper/kitchen roll or in biodegradable cornstarch bags or paper liners.

  • If bags or liners are used in the compostable bin then they must be BIO-degradable (either cornstarch or paper) so that they can be composted. Check if they have the composting symbol (to the right) printed on them. Beware of sacks which say they are degradable – this is misleading as all plastic degrades over time- it just depends on how long it takes! And please do not use any black sacks – even if they say they are biodegradable- as neither the crew nor the facility will be sure whether they are or not.

  • The only bin where bin liners (e.g. black or white) can be used is in the purple non-recycling bin.

    For further information or advice please visit or contact Recycling on 01702 318111.

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