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We’ve had the following very helpful email from a resident in Bristol Close, Rayleigh

I have noticed in the past months that the amount of dog mess on the pavements of Downhall Park Way is forever increasing. Walking my daughter to the school this morning from my house in Bristol close which is only minutes away we passed 4 lots on the pavement, and it is becoming quite frustrating now. The majority of dog walkers I see are very sensible and do clean up after the dogs but clearly there are some who don?t. I have spoken to some neighbours and they feel the same that it is becoming a big problem now and especially with our children running and then stepping in it.

Can anything be done to try to combat this and perhaps more awareness be made about the impact of this on us residents?

We’ve spoken today to three residents in this part of Downhall Park Way and the general view was that the amount of mess was certainly increasing. One man said that there seemed to be some new owners around with more aggressive breeds of dogs.

It is an offence to let your dog foul the pavement but it’s very hard to get a conviction! We will be asking Rochford District Council for some notices along here and maybe this will make a few dog owners into better neighbours.

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  • I would agree that the level of dog mess is increasing. I use the “cut through” between Downhall Park Way and Eastcheap with my two young children and am infuriated when owners do not clear up the mess made in this narrow walkway especially as the park is only a few yards away with dog mess bins. If Rochford District Council do consider doing something then perhaps they could extend the area to this part of Downhall Park Way/Eastcheap too?

  • We’ve had a prompt reply from the District Council:

    Dear Cllr Black,

    Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention.
    I spoke to my Senior Contract Officer today and she will check if there are dog signs/posters in the areas mentioned. If they do not have any and if there is adequate place to install it then the Council will install the sign.

    We will pass this information to SITA so we will monitor the area more closely, also we want to install a dog bin in the area, but it will take place in the next financial year. Finally, during this summer we will target this area under our dog blitz activity.

    I hope these steps will help

  • This problem is getting worse. I have spotted and approached a couple of people (armed with a freezer bag to “help” when they haven’t got a bag/scooper of their own!!). There appear to be a couple of regular offenders who I have second hand knowledge of. I will contact them if confirmed and if it persists they will find their “property” returned!

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