Does Rayleigh Need Their Own Special Constables?




It would appear that PFCC Roger Hirst, is looking to rebuild a police force here in Essex using a team of volunteers – special constables. His team have been approaching the local Councils with a proposal of “if you pay, you can have your own”

Rayleigh Town Council has earmarked a budget for these specials, but there has been little sign of any interest. Perhaps Rayleigh isn’t that exciting or perceived crime in Rayleigh is so low that applicants that are drawn to these types of roles have applied elsewhere.

In August 2018 crime statistics reported by Essex Police for Rayleigh report 169 crimes committed in an area with roughly 33000 residents. Rayleigh has a very low level of Crime for the area featuring 4th in the lowest level of crime in the surrounding area.


An idea of a private security company has been mooted by some, but we think Rayleigh just doesn’t warrant, what could be a heavy-handedĀ approach to reducing a low level of crime. The types of crime that occurs within our area, we don’t think wouldn’t be solved by private contractors.

If you want to be ‘that bobby on the beat’ – Essex Police are advertising the vacancy on their website here

If you are interested in the crime statistics for Rayleigh they can found here on the Essex Police website

August 2018 Crime Map

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