Ditch Clearance On Laburnum



by Editor // in Rawreth


Cllr Chris Stanley has once again been keeping a watchful eye on the debris in the ditch after Chris & James cleared it sometime ago. This time he’s managed to track down the responsible owner with the help of officers at RDC.

Today he’s received an email from officers

Dear Cllr Stanley,

I have tracked down the Greenbelt company responsible for maintenance on the site and been in contact with Chris McLellan, in the GEL Team. He has said he will arrange with their contractor to have this inspected and cleared as soon as possible.

For future reference residents can contact Chris McLellan by email on gelenquiries@greenbelt.co.uk the reference for this site is GEL 1216.

Well done Chris! If residents please use this contact above to report debris hopefully Greenbelt will soon get the message that they don’t want to be flooded!

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