District Council Gets Recycling Back On Course




The District Council’s new recycling scheme begins on 21st July. This is something that the Lib Dem councillors support – indeed our colleague Chris Lumley played a part in the setting up of the scheme.

In addition to what can currently be recycled at the kerbside (paper, glass and cans), people can now also recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Kitchen materials (such as cooked and uncooked food)
  • Garden materials (such as grass cuttings).
  • There will be a three bins – with one bin for each of the following:

  • Compostables (green waste and kitchen waste – collected weekly)
  • Dry material for recycling (paper, glass, cans , plastics, cardboard- collected fortnightly)
  • Stuff you can’t recycle (collected fortnightly)
  • If you can’t manage three bins for some reason – e.g. you don’t have a front garden to store them in, you can ask the council if you can be an exception.

    The introduction of the scheme will take place in three steps:

  • 16 June – 18 July: Two new bins will be delivered.
  • Week commencing 14 July : On the normal collection day rubbish will be collected and the existing grey rubbish bin will be stickered to show its new use.
  • Week commencing 21 July :The new service starts with collections of compostables and non-recyclables
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  • I hope that the new recycling scheme works well and that it makes us all consider how much waste we produce.

    I’m just wondering, along with some of my neighbours, what we are supposed to do in the meantime with our green bins which have been full of rotting matter since the current collection scheme ended and is now rapidly decomposing.

    We have continued to put them out for collection, my immediate neighbour having been informed on more than one occasion that Green Recycling were still coming to empty the bins. I would estimate that the content of these bins have been there since the end of April and they don’t smell particularly good!

  • Glad to hear that this is going ahead. We seem to have a much cardboard as plastic bottles and cans, so can’t wait to reduce the number of trips to the tip.

    Has anyone noticed the kerbside recycling cart (today in Laburnum Way and surrounding areas) seems to have some sort of leak? Wherever there’s a corner there’s a trail of brown stuff. It happened a couple of weeks ago too. I reported it to RDC (last time) and was told ECC would take cleaning action if necessary. Apparently nothing wrong with the SITA vehicle though?!

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