Development Committee Meets On Thursday

The Development Committee meets on Thursday to decide 3 applications:

  • In Stambridge : 3 flats between 7 and 13 Cagefield Road (not green belt)
  • In Rayleigh : 2 cycle shelters at the Approach Car Park. Only coming to the committee because it is council land.
  • In Hawkwell: A yard in Ironwell Lane, for change of use from agricultural to part storage , part business and light industrial,. The area involved exceeds 1100 square metres and is in the green belt. The application¬† has been called in by Cllr¬† John Mason

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  • Drove past the development in the grounds of the old “lakehouse” in Downhall Raod yesterday. What ever is being built, 3 story flats ? they look enormous and totally out of keeping with the area. It does not affect me but I feel sorry for the folks in that close, how can such a large building be passed by the planners ?

    • That monster building was given the go ahead on appeal by a planning inspector after we’d voted against it.
      Sometimes you just can’t win can you?

  • Traffic monitoring cables across the road in Rawreth Lane ( just West of the
    Ind Estate / Macro turning – bit late to be assessing the volume of traffic , after they have approved 500 at Rawreth Lane and 500 at Hullbridge, not to mention the temporary ( 10 years !! ) of Construction traffic to and fro…..

    • At a recent ECC briefing they admitted that traffic monitoring had been carried out by developers (or persons unknown) without a paid permit… I wonder if this is authorised monitoring?

  • Just received our voting card for the May ” Essex County Councillor ” elections ,
    I would suggest this is a good opportunity for a protest vote ( if only relating to potholes ) against the present incumbents who represent us , WHY………

    ECC are effectively ( Primary Consultee ) the body that looks the other way and approves countless development plans ( from District Councils ) without regard for the nett impact on the Infrastructure ( highways / hospitals /school etc; ). These people are supposed to be representing the interest of the Towns
    that elect them but are effectively anonymous and oil the wheels for the ruling District Councils.

    Admin – can you provide a list of runners & riders in this event – I would encourage everyone to vote for any but those currently sitting too comfortably in office, thanks – Jim.

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