Demolition Plans for The Mill Hall

In a public report listed on Rochford District Council’s website, it has been revealed that there are plans to demolish The Mill Arts & Events Centre. Plans for the future of this venue and the Civic Suite have been shrouded in secrecy by the Council with no public consultation.

The report states…

At the Mill Arts & Events Centre site the assumption is that the new community facilities will be developed first while the existing Mill Arts & Events Centre building remains available for use by the Council and its partners. The new community facilities will be handed over before the residential element is boarded off and the existing Mill Arts & Events Centre building is decommissioned and demolished.

Page 3.5 7.8 of this report references the future plans

The report suggests there will be future new community facilities, but gives no detail of what these will be.

We are sceptical on whether these new facilities will be built when we read the following in the report

At the same time as the proposals for tranche 1 are confirmed, outline
proposals will be worked up for The Mill Arts & Events Centre site to provide indicative costs for the capital receipt of that part of the site which will transfer and indicative construction costs of the new community facilities. This will provide greater (but not absolute) price certainty for the Mill Arts & Events Centre site.

What if construction costs are too high and the capital receipts aren’t enough – will the Council not build the new facilities?

The full report to be discussed tomorrow night can be read here

  • This is the latest and most shocking element of Rochford Council’s asset stripping of local facilities – especially the facilities in Rayleigh. Who gives them the right to take everything away from Rayleigh? – the biggest town in the District. Our community has taken the brunt of additional development with no new infrastructure, but now the same Rochford District Council who gave all that planning permission now wants to take away the few facilities we already enjoy. It is crazy! This must be stopped!