Dementia Awareness




There are more people in our communities nowadays with dementia. It’s a very important issue. The latest figures published by the Alzheimer?s Society suggest that 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 and 1 in 6 people over 80 years has some form of dementia. Of those people over 65 who have dementia (late onset dementia) 55.4% have mild dementia 32.1% have moderate dementia and 12.5% have severe dementia.

The County Council are having a series of Dementia Roadshows at the moment:

“Although there is currently no cure for dementia, with treatment and support, people who have the condition are able to lead active, fulfilling lives … To find out more about techniques which may delay the onset of dementia, visit us at our roadshows”

The nearest roadshow is on 7 March at the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon . (It’s a pity they are not coming to Rochford or Castle Point).

“The roadshows consist of a memory bank, where members of the public can write down a treasured memory, as well as brain training games. Dementia experts will be on hand to provide help and guidance. You can also learn how particular activities including individual learning, group learning and physical activity may help delay the onset of dementia.”

There is a also a dementia strategy for Essex -you can download it here. As an example , it includes the following targets (click to enlarge):

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