County Waste Debacle




The government has called in the county? council’s plan to build a waste treatment site at Rivenhall.

According to the Braintree and Witham Times

Essex County Council (ECC) granted planning permission last month, despite only one favourable representation out of more than 800 made during public consultations.

Whilst this may not appear to affect us here in Rochford district , the following is also true:

  • The Tories have spent years advocating 2 big waste treatment plants as the way to deal with waste in the future
  • They have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds in real money and in officer time in pursuing this policy and the taxpayer will now have to finance a public enquiry
  • They have ridden roughshod over the objections of local people and local councils and opposition parties, ie Lib Dems, in saying that is not the right policy
  • This is a flagship policy of the Tory administration, now in shreds, and it?s left the Tories pushing plan B, which is essentially the Lib Dem view that if the county gives financial incentives to boroughs/districts to increase recycling, there will be no need for big treatment plants ? the Tories are now doing this and Rochford, for example, has increased its recycling dramatically.
  • This is evidence that the Tories aren’t good at making major decisions
    The whole life of the contract is worth around ?5billion.
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