County Highways intervene on the Asda application

Essex County Council Highways Department have objected to the Asda planning application, on the grounds that they need more information on how Asda’s scheme would affect traffic in the surrounding area.

We understand that the District Council officers will now probably suggest that a decision on the application should be deferred at next Tuesday’s meeting, to allow County Highways more time to consider the issue. However it’s still possible that councillors might vote on Tuesday to pass the scheme, or refuse it.

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  • Situation as of 1pm today is that it appears that the traffic issues may be resolved by County in time for this evenings meeting. The vote ‘may’ be tonight. If you are interested re the ASDA application please come along to the meeting tonight – 7.30pm in Rayleigh Council Offices – County’s decision may not be known till much later today!

  • Traffic is an issue that I have highlighted over the last few years reguarding development in Rawreth Lane ie. both the Reads Nursery development and Park School site.

    I live in Down Hall Road where, in my opinion, most of the traffic from Rawreth Lane uses to gain access to both the town centre and the High Street via Crown Hill as the shortest route to the A127 duel carriageway.

    As I have said in my previous letters, Down Hall Road is quite a dangerous road with many nasty bends. A particularly nasty one is the one that I and my visitors have difficulty seeing traffic approaching when attempting to drive out from my property.
    I have had one of my double thickness walls to the driveway demolished also my neighbours wall late at night by a young driver taking the bend at speed and going out of control.

    Down Hall Road was built in the days of the horse and cart not, I’m sure for the amount of traffic using it today, certainly not the extra traffic envisaged should the Asda project go ahead.

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