County Council Want To Decide The Golf Course Application

We understand that the County Council want to take control of the Golf Course Reshaping application away from the District Council and decide it themselves.

We think that most residents would be happier with it being decided by Rochford.

At the moment we understand that the District Council is very carefully checking the legal situation.

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  • I wonder why County want to decide on this?

    Unless they know something that we have not been made aware of, this is not a county issue, it’s a district issue and therefore should be left to district to make the ultimate decision.

    If county do make the decision, is there any appeal process available to district if they do not agree with it?

  • One could ask the following question.
    • Is Essex County Council (ECC) planning to build same thing there. That they do not want any one to know about at this golf course and are going to use all those lorry movements as a cover for this to build it.
    • Is ECC building same thing same were else and need to damp all of the soil same were. (Let hope it a under grand shelter. As they mit need it.)
    • Dose ECC have same agreement with 2012 and the damping of soil from the build of the many site for it.
    • Or is there same sort of back hand deal going on.
    • IS this a test to see what they can get away with. In the RDC

    What we should all be asking is. On what grand’s are they insisting they can take control of this application? If we do not ask, who’s to say they will not do it on other application. Say like Housing in Rayleigh etc… Or on other thinks with in ESSEX.

  • The County Council normally decides planning applications that deal wth waste, minerals etc . They may think they have the legal responsibility to decide this one.

    Which is strange, because the District Council decided the previous (very similar) application.

  • Does this mean that the decision is going to be made in Chelmsford during the day making it less likely that residents will attend the meeting to make their views known on this.

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