County Council Opposes Any “Super Airports” In Essex


From the County Council website:

‘Time to Get Real on Aviation’ says Essex County Council
24 September 2013

Essex County Council (ECC) has warned the government?s expert Commission on aviation that it must not submit proposals for an ?unwanted and unviable? giant super airport at Stansted and has called instead for greater focus on realistic, affordable and practical options that will allow ?sensible growth? in Essex.

In ?Flights of fancy: getting real on aviation? published today, ECC says proposals like closing Heathrow and building five-runway ?super-hub airports? either at Stansted or on the Thames Estuary, would be too costly and disruptive to deliver.

We expect this will be supported by a lot of Essex residents worried about massive expansion of Stansted – or about a new ‘mega’ airport in the Thames with continuous flights over South East Essex.
You can find their full press release here

You can download their full document setting out the County Council position here

  • Not this old chestnut again, there is more chance of Nick “Cleggy” Clegg becoming Prime Minister than a new multi billion pound airport being built in the Thames…..