Countryside Submit Plans For Phase 1

From Countryside’s website:
Plans submitted for Phase 1 of development at West of Rayleigh.

Countryside has submitted detailed plans and designs for the first 192 new homes on land north of London Road and south of Rawreth Lane in Rayleigh, Essex to Rochford District Council.

In 2016, Rochford District Council approved outline plans for 500 new homes across the whole site, which has been allocated for development in the Council’s adopted Site Allocations Plan.

The principle of development has already been agreed by the Council (despite our opposition). This is now about the details…

Legal Point: As always, District Councillors on the planning committee are required to keep an open mind on any application until the debate at committee.

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  • First question – is there a site traffic management plan included in the submission , this is key to minimising the impact
    on Rawreth Lane , it will be too late after they actually start without a mitigation plan.

  • When will general public see the plans. There are certain things I would expect to see and others I would like to see on this site E. G. Play area, school, This is stage 1 and I am concerned that with stages we will miss the chance to companion for the best facilities possible. Would expect a restaurant and bar to blend in with other development in Rayleigh. Oz the last comment is taking the p.

  • Absolutely Oz will meet you at the E lounge next to the Red Door where we can degrade ourselves to our hearts content. Then start at Barringtons work down the High Street but not leave out the Legion, the Con club if allowed in and the Mill Hall then back to the Half Moon. Can include a drink from restaurants or retail outlets. Do you think we could reach Ernie Lane?There are more places to buy alcohol than people think.

  • Admin – can you put up a direct link to the application please ( as usual the RDC website won’t let me find it ) , plus
    can you clarify the deadline for comments …..thanks – Jim.

  • Has this application been given a planning reference as I am trying to understand the time line for comments etc and the planning meeting at which it will be “approved”

  • Accidentally pressed on the historical button and came across a post about the development of the Reads nursery site from 2003.. Here is a section,

    ” Its not over – Bellwinch can appeal, and we know something will be built here sooner or later. But hopefully we can get something better than the present scheme- and maybe we get a doctors surgery and schooling sorted out.”

    I’ve a feeling this development will go the same way, no doctors, no school, in fact no nothing except houses…😪

  • Deadline for comments is 18/07/17 , Admin has now put a direct link on here ( otherwise you will be pulling your hair in trying to access via the RDC website…..

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