Council says sports pitches will be restored 4 years after houses built.




At the last full council meeting Chris Black asked the question:

What areas of land, under the District Council?s ownership or management, were intended for use as public open space, sports pitches etc but are not currently open to the public or fit for purpose?

We got an interesting answer:

There are two areas which may meet the description set out in the question.
Following completion of the new Rayleigh Leisure Centre, land to the rear of the Centre is being integrated into Sweyne Park public open space, with the intention that it is laid out for mini football pitches. George Wimpey Ltd. will be carrying out some grading works on the land next spring and, subject to funds being made available through the 2007/8 budget process, further ground preparation works will be undertaken next year. It is envisaged that the pitches will become operational from the 2009 season, once the surface has become properly established.

A second area of open space, off Hambro Hill, Rayleigh, includes a former domestic refuse landfill site. Some groundwork and tree planting was carried out several years ago to enhance the area. It has limited public access because of highway and railway constraints and is, therefore, only available for informal light recreational use. There are no plans to develop public access or use further.

So, people started moving into the Wimpey homes at the end of last year. But the District Council need 4 years after that to get this land opened up to the public. And it was flat level fields before this!

How the land is now:
How the land is now.

How the land used to be:

How the land used to be.

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