Council Minutes? 29 July 2008




Council ? 29 July 2008
Minutes of the meeting of Council held on 29 July 2008 when there were present:

-Chairman: Cllr J E Grey
Vice Chairman: Cllr A J Humphries

Cllr Mrs P Aves Cllr C I Black Cllr Mrs L A Butcher Cllr P A Capon Cllr Mrs T J Capon Cllr M R Carter Cllr J P Cottis Cllr T G Cutmore Cllr Mrs J Dillnutt Cllr T E Goodwin Cllr K J Gordon Cllr K H Hudson Cllr T Livings Cllr Mrs G A Lucas-Gill Cllr C J Lumley Cllr Mrs J R Lumley Cllr M Maddocks Cllr D Merrick Cllr Mrs J A Mockford Cllr R A Oatham Cllr D G Stansby Cllr M G B Starke Cllr M J Steptoe Cllr J Thomass Cllr Mrs M J Webster Cllr P F A Webster Cllr Mrs C A Weston Cllr Mrs B J Wilkins

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs R Brown, Mrs L M Cox, Mrs H L A Glynn, J R F Mason, J M Pullen, C G Seagers and S P Smith 247

    Towards the end of the meeting ….


    Council considered the report of the Head of Information and Customer Services containing the recommendations of the reconvened Independent Remuneration Panel.

    Responding to questions, the Head of Information and Customer Services advised on the process for recruiting to the Independent Remuneration Panel and confirmed that, whilst the recommendations of a Panel are not binding, the Council would need to refer to them if making changes.

    It was also confirmed that the Panel?s proposals would represent a ?50,000 budget increase and that the Panel is cognisant of prevailing remuneration rates across the County when developing recommendations.

    During discussion of the Panel?s recommendations, a Member referred to the lower levels of remuneration in place in earlier years and to the difficulty of seeing the benefit of the proposed increases. Higher levels of remuneration also highlighted the possibility that savings could be achieved if executive arrangements were not in place.

    In favour of the Panel?s proposals, reference was made to their appropriateness in terms of reflecting the new political structure. Whilst it is important that the Council is very careful when considering the expenditure of public monies, it is right that levels of remuneration at Rochford reflect the prevailing rates across the County.

    Reference was also made to the fact that the new structure is in its early stages and that there would inevitably be a period of ?bedding in?.

    Resolved That the amendments to the Remuneration Scheme for 2008/09 as proposed by the Independent Remuneration Panel be adopted.

    Note: Councillors C I Black, Mrs J Dilnutt, C R Lumley and R A Oatham wished to be recorded as voting against the above decision. Cllr D G Stansby wished to be recorded as abstaining.

    The meeting closed at 8.22 pm.

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