Council Meeting To Discuss Options For Mill Hall Site




Rochford District Council will be meeting on the 19th October 2021 to discuss the options for the Mill Hall Site as part of the Asset Delivery Programme.

Councillors will be debating one of two options:

1) to note the ‘Revised Scheme’ for The Mill Arts & Events Centre site set out
in paragraph 3.4 (Exempt Appendix 1), or
2) to revisit the Council’s requirements for the Mill Arts & Events Centre site
and agree that a separate Outline Business Case (to include a full options
analysis) be undertaken and presented to Council for approval at a later

For the most, the meeting to discuss these options will be private and confidential away from the public’s eyes unless Councillors vote to keep the meeting in the public domain.

We say that with such immense public interest there are no reasons that the meeting shouldn’t be open to everyone.

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