Council Meeting Could’ve Been Mistaken For A Bad Panto!

Some might have thought panto season had started early when they were subjected to last night’s full Council meeting with the portfolio holders all given the principal roles. In a badly, embarrassingly staged and cringy item, the portfolio holders relied on other junior members of their group to read out some pre-scripted questions. Playing to the full public gallery the portfolio holders then read out all the ‘excellent’ things they had achieved.

We don’t think the public gallery were easily fooled though, as the CCTV item on the agenda, which had garnered much attention was put forward in a motion which was once again hijacked from the independent for Wheatley and handed over to be in control of the ruling Conservatives, not before though the chair of the review & scrutiny committee had been shown to not engage with his fellow ward Councillor and repeatedly ignore attempts to move the item forward. Like swatting away an annoying fly, the Conservatives took the motion and made it their own as we sat helplessly knowing that a party that has previously said they wouldn’t support CCTV could now kick the can down the road and into the long grass. With the portfolio holders heart ‘not in it’ and the deputy leader already raising the cost as an issue, it’s hard to see if this motion will bear any fruit for residents.

Had the Conservatives selected their well-rehearsed favourite panto ‘Pinnochio’ to play out once again?