Council Income From Car Parks (Campaign Question Number 2)




Last Friday the owner of one of the businesses in Rayleigh High Street asked Chris how much money the District Council obtained from its car parks. These are the latest figures:

Actual figures for the financial year 2007/08:


Employee Costs 133 K
‘Premises Related’ Repairs, Business Rates etc 130 K
Transport and Plant Costs 3 K
Supplies and Services eg Printing 40K

So- total costs about 306K


Tickets 812 K
Season tickets 200 K
Penalty charges 115 K
Gross Income 1133 K

Net income – about ?827,000

Not mant people realise that the District Council has to pay ‘business rates’ (which is actually called National Non-Domestic Rates nowadays) on its car parks . And the money all goes to central government….

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  • When the Tories came into power Peter Webster stood on the stage at the count and made a “solemn Pledge” (his words) that the first thing they would do would be to introduce pay on exit parking in Websters Way car park. We’re still waiting!!.
    Car park income is a major source of income for the District Council and if the charges were reduced or abolished, as some traders would advocate,the money would have to be recouped from elsewhere, most likely an increase in council tax, meaning that everyone would be paying rathar than just car park users.
    I don’t think it’s the cost of parking that keeps people away from the High Street, more the lack of the right kind of shops.

  • You are right Ron, the District Council can’t afford – will never be able to afford – abolishing car parking charges.

    But we need to encourage people to use our town centres , otherwise that income will start to shrivel away.

    And you are 100% right , we need more interesting shops.

    Though a cheap 30 or 40 minute parking band might help, and there are machines available now that give change….

  • The free Saturday afternoon parking is a good incentive to come into town. I agree, we do need the right type of shops to entice people into Rayleigh.

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