Car Park Income Less Than Expected




District Councillors have been given a progress report on the Council’s budget for this year.

It tells us whether the budget is ‘on track’ – are we spending as much as the Conservative administration expected? Are we getting as much income as expected?

Overall, the budget figures are pretty accurate – to within 3 percent of what was planned. However, there are two items that stand out – both to do with car parks.

First of all, income from car park charges is about ?100,000 less than predicted. This is apparently because “Original estimate was overstated as VAT was included in the calculation.”

Secondly, income from fines is down because ” As Members are aware, the retention of Parking Attendants has been an issue due to the nature of the post and how motorists perceive them. The Head of Planning & Transportation is investigating alternative working patterns to improve coverage of the district and also at ways to improve retention of staff but it is anticipated that a reduction in the revised estimates will be made.”

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