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Rawreth Village Hall

We’ve been impressed by Rawreth Parish Council over the past few years. It only has a small number of elected councillors and one part-time paid clerk. But it has ‘punched above it’s weight’ in trying to get things done for the parish. Everybody works together in a constructive, non-political atmosphere.

So we are very sorry to hear that Spencer Croucher, the Parish Clerk, has decided to resign his position from next April. He’s been a great asset to Rawreth, and will be hard to replace.

Could YOU be his replacement? We understand that the job pays about ?1500 per year plus expenses for about 5 hours work per week. Plus the council has a training budget so that a new clerk can go on training courses.

But it’s much , much more than a job – how well the clerk performs may affect the future of the whole village. The clerk needs to have a bit of passion in his or her soul for Rawreth! When the councillors decide that something needs doing in the parish , it’s the clerk who then contacts County Highways, the District Council, the Environment Agency etc to persuade them to do it. On a bigger scale, If the District Council decides to allocate 2000 or 3000 new houses in Rawreth, the clerk is going to be very busy. There might be a big battle between the Parish Council and Rawreth residents on one side, and the District Council on the other.

The job is mostly done from home , with most things dealt with by emails, letters and phone. There is one evening meeting every month, starting at 7.30.

The ideal person lives in or near to Rawreth. He or she will probably need basic office skills, plus the ability to get on with the public. If you are interested, please contact Spencer at

(Incidentally we – that’s Ron and Chris – aren’t involved in the selection of the Parish Clerk – that’s for the Parish Councillors to decide. But we wanted to give the issue a bit of publicity, because it is so important to get a good replacement for Spencer)

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