Could it be Francois v Spink Canvassing in Rayleigh?




So the big national political news of the day is that Bob Spink, our next-door neighbour MP in Castle Point has joined UKIP.

Coverage in the Echo here and the Daily Telegraph here.

One Tory insider has told us that she thinks Labour will win Castle Point at the next general election because the right-of-centre vote will split half for Spink, half for whatever Conservative candidate they have.

Meanwhile UKIP have a candidate in Lodge Ward, Rayleigh on May 1st….. surely Mr Spink will come and help !

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  • Taking into consideration the comments that Bob Spink has made about the Conservatives policy on Europe which Mark Francois as Shadow Minister for Europe is closely involved in. I think it would be antagonistic of him to show up here. If Bob Spink’s behaviour towards his former friends in Castle Point is anything to go by then I make you right on this. Readers of this site from Lodge ward can look forward to his visit.

    You will be unsurprised to learn that I think that Julian Ware-Lane will make an excellent MP for Castle Point.

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