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The County Council have told the Echo that we are going to get some kind of pedestrian crossing at the Rawreth Lane/ Downhall Park Way junction in Rayleigh after all.:

A PEDESTRIAN crossing costing ?114,000 will finally be built at a dangerous junction in Rayleigh where a woman was seriously injured in a road accident.

Essex County Council has earmarked April next year as the date of completion for the crossing, after funding was obtained from developers.

The crossing will be in Rawreth Lane, near the junction with Downhall Park Way, where a grandmother was seriously injured after being hit by a car in February.

Rochford district councillors were shocked after reportedly being told by a county council officer at a meeting earlier this month that the deadline for getting ?73,000 for the crossing had been missed because the money had not been spent in time.

But, in fact, the county council now says the deadline was not until September 2009 and the money was just being held over so improved designs could be drawn up.

This is a very curious business- local councillors and local journalists have been told different things. It looks like highways officers have made a last-ditch attempt to retrieve the situation, and if they’ve managed to sort things out , that’s good.

However, the main thing is that we get a crossing – and Ron’s questionning a month ago seems to have stirred things into life. But why will it take until April next year to put the crossing in?

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  • It sounds a bit like the Essex CC decided to wait long enough for residents and local councillors to forget the crossing and they will have £73,000 to spend when and how they like. But they have the money and the crossing should be completed now.

  • The situation in DPW is getting worse. Over the weekend there were up to 16 vehicles parked in a short stretch of the road!

    I was personally verbally abused by a bare chested “Chelsea Tractor” driver – and yes I do have his registration – for daring to drive on the correct side of the road using my right of way and not shifting out of the way for him!! I had two children in the car at the time and the windows down and was not amused when he told me to “Go forth and multiply”!!!

    Had the bend of the road not been obsured by parked cars – yes the usual culprits – he would have seen me and, most certainly, shown me the courtesy I so deserved LOL!!

    I did notice three ladies from County Highways in the road a week or so ago – but they always arrive in the middle of the day when the road is not so congested.

    Rant over

  • Did anyone get any feedback on my question regarding the pavement resurfacing in Rawreth Lane, and the bit that was missed from Caversham Park Avenue to Downhall Park Way?

    To add to this subject, I think the quality of the new surfaces is pretty poor, in as much that puddles seem to develop when it rains. Furthermore, I noted that a house near the corner of Caversham Park Avenue recently had their driveway and garden updated. The contractor parked his truck on the newly surfaced pavement outside the house, and deep ruts have been left in the tarmac. I know the pavement isn’t designed for large trucks to drive on it, but I’m suprised how badly they have been damaged.

  • It was good news about the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Rawreth Lane/Downhall Park Way…

    However it seems that the right turn traffic light filters at the junction of Rawreth Lane/Priory Chase (East bound) are not working – and haven’t been for some considerable time…This is particulary problamatic at peak traffic times when attemping to turn right into Priory Chase. In the interests of road safety for ALL road users when is this fault going to be repaired please?

  • Hi TWR, the filters lights do seem to work on a week day morning at 6:50 when I leave for work, I always seem to get the filter light to turn left, but then it never seems to work that way for the rest of the day. Seems crazy that the facility for filtered turning is there and not used, especially on the turn right filter onto Priory Chase, at rush hour only 3 cars seem to get through it because of the volume of traffic coming along Rawreth Lane in the opposite direction! Very frustrating!

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