Co-Ordinated Action By Councils On Lords Golf Club




About a month ago Rochford District Council served a one-month Temporary Stop Notice on the Lords Golf Club site to stop the importation of more soil and earth.

As this involved waste disposal, it was felt that this was really more of a County Council matter. So the County Council have served a Stop Notice (SN) and an Enforcement Notice (EN) on all those who appear to have an interest in the land.

The Notices concern the unauthorised importation, deposition and spreading of waste including the construction of an internal roadway.

The effective date of the SN is 9 October 2008 requiring the cessation of importation, deposition & spreading of waste. It takes effect prior to the expiry date of Rochford DC?s Temporary Stop Notice

The accompanying EN contains the additional requirements to remove the deposited waste and the internal roadway on the land in question.

The SN is effective from 9 October and cannot , apparently,be appealed against while the EN is in force.

An appeal could be lodged against the requirements of the EN. This would mean that the requirements set out in the SN should prevent any further waste from being brought to the site but its removal would be delayed pending the outcome of any appeal, should the Inspector uphold the EN.

This only applies to the northern part of the site – on the southern part there is a question of ‘permitted devlopment’ rights to create a compound with earthern embankments.

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