Cllr Gerry Mockford




We have just heard the very sad news that Gerry Mockford , one of the District Councillors for Sweyne Park Ward, has died, following a stroke.

Gerry was a conscientious councillor. When he spoke in the council chamber he was closely listened to , because he always seemed to speak with a particular aim in mind – never just for the sake of speaking. It is entirely appropriate that his last major contribution was to be the first speaker in the planning debate regarding the all-weather pitch at Sweyne Park School.

He was one of the councillors who championed kerbside recycling. Although he was in the Conservative Group, he was very pleasant at election time to inexperienced Liberal Democrat candidates. One Lib Dem described him as “someone it was easy to say good things about”.

Our thoughts are with Joan Mockford and the family.

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