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Chris has sent into the following written question to the council for the budget meeting next week, addressed to Cllr Webster, chairman of the appropriate committee:

“At tonight’s meeting there are expected to be substantial increases in car parking charges, but no alteration in the means of paying.

Bearing in mind the motion passed in Minute 212/2000 , moved by yourself and voted for by Councillors Amner, Mrs Brown, Capon, Cutmore, Grey, Mrs Hungate , Livings , Mockford, Smith, Starke and Mr and Mrs Webster which stated

: … “That Council further notes that the Conservative Group will implement pay-on-exit car parking in Webster’s Way car park as soon as possible.”

and the Conservative leaflet that stated

“Residents throughout Rayleigh want pay-on-exit car parking in Webster’s Way now. We have had over 1400 replies from houses in Rayleigh – and over 70% want this system…. Yet Liberal councillors have refused to meet residents wishes. Rayleigh Conservatives believe people should have what they want – not be arrogantly disregarded by the Liberals. At the December Council meeting , Conservatives Councillors publicly promised to put pay-on-exit car parking into Webster’s Way.”

The Conservatives have a massive majority on the council – partly through making promises like this – and it would have been simple for you to have brought in pay-on-exit car parking if you really wanted to. Tonight would have been an appropriate night to agree the funding.

From your informed position as Chairman of Finance and Procedures Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and mover of the motion, do you not agree that those 1400 households deserve an apology?”

It’s annoyed us for a long time that when they were in opposition the Tories made the promise to bring in pay-on-exit car parking, and got some peoples votes because of it, but didn’t do it once they got into power. We felt that now’s the time to remind them that when they make a promise, we keep careful notes and won’t let them off the hook!

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