Check Your Polling Station !



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There’s an extraordinary meeting of the full District Council on January 12th.? Its purpose? ? To confirm where the polling stations will be for the all-out elections on new ward boundaries in May. You can download the full list here.

If you see anything that seems odd or needs to be queried, please let us know – otherwise it could be a very short meeting!

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  • Dont forget to vote, and provide some with a living for the forthcoming years, and in return they will completely fail to represent or act on their voters views/wishes. Local democracy in action. Unfortunately only the political classes quality to get on this gravy train.

    • Hi Zaphod. The question isn’t whether you personally should vote. You should always vote. Jim Cripps is right, the powers that be would be very happy if dissatisfied voters just stayed at home. The question actually is, are you going to stand for election yourself?

    • Unfortunately I will not be able to stand for the election, mainly because I would not be able to finance it. I have to work long hours to raise my family.
      Now if I had money, maybe it would be a game that I could contribute to and profit from.

  • Zaphod, I can understand perfectly that you have to put family and work first. Having said that , nobody should be put off from standing for council because they can’t finance it – that’s what we have political parties- and Lib Dem quiz nights for.
    Time can be more of a factor. Unless you are in the right place at the right time and wearing the right colour rosette, it takes a lot of time to get elected! Once you are elected, it also takes up some evenings and time at weekends, but it is still doable – I work full-time with some compulsory overtime. On the plus side I have made some good friends and had a chance to help people. But I have missed a lot of TV…

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