Change The Zebra?




Lib Dem Town Councillor Bruce Smart has sent the following to onlinefocus:

“Several people have approached me recently in my role of Rayleigh Town Councillor, regarding the replacing of the existing zebra crossing by the Hambro Parade shops with a controlled crossing.

This is an increasingly busy road and the crossing is at the bottom of Hambro Hill where traffic does tend to be a little faster than is acceptable.

The crossing is used by lots of children and young families on their way to Downhall School, local playgroups and the small parade of shops. There are bus stops quite close to the crossing which can create problems of visibility for both motorists and pedestrians. Parents are quite rightly concerned about the potential of accidents at this point.”

Any views on this idea?

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  • Have there been any accidents here?

    It can be tricky if you pass a bus at the stop and somebody is waiting to cross from the shops. If not you just stop if someone is waiting to cross, do you need a red light to tell you to stop!

  • I agree it can be a bit scary at times crossing the road at the zebra crossing. You can never be quite sure it a car is going to stop or not. Anything that can make the crossing feel safer would be very welcome. I have had a couple of near misses there.

    Also where are the local playgroups which were referred to? There is the nursery at Lubbards, to which the pavement is totally inadequate. The only other local playgroup (which my daughter goes to) had to relocate to Hullbridge.

  • Surely the point is to stop an accident. Our role is to identify concerns and act upon them. If we react after an accident then we are accused of not acting quickly enough. I still feel it is very reassuring to see the green man and give clear right of way to the pedestrian.

  • Guys,

    You both make valid points but I think a Pelican crossing ( like the one at the bottom of Downhall Road opposite the florists ) will add problems with traffic backing up across the roundabout. Maybe a Puffin crossing would be better, these automatically detect pedestrians on the crossing and hold the red light until they are clear and then let the traffic flow.

    In my experience almost all drivers treat Zebra crossings with care and stop in good time and I’m not convinced that a crossing in needed.

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